Friday, April 23, 2010

May 8 canoe and kayak race is shaping up

The agenda for the May 8 Rivanna River Regatta Canoe and Kayak races is shaping up.

A local outdoors retailer will have a 'demo day' at Darden Towe so you can test drive canoes and kayaks, The Rose of Nelson batteau will be on display at Darden Towe for your enjoyment and education, T-shirts and hats will be available along with light refreshments and the Elks Club (at the entrance of Darden Towe) will be hosting a separate car show that day.  Come on out and join us at Darden Towe!  Racers are expected to start crossing the finish line at ~10:45am and with several heats and classes they will continue crossing the finish line until at least 12pm so pack a lunch, take plenty of pictures to share with us and have a wonderful time along the friendly banks of the Rivanna River.

T-shirts and hats will be available on race day

Rivanna River Regatta Canoe & Kayak Paddler t-shirts and hats are here and will be available for purchase both at the starting and finish lines of the May 8 race.  These are high quality garments with the embroidered logo and will be selling for $15 each (cash only).  All net proceeds will go to Mr. Bishop to help offset his costs/expenses for hosting this race (prize money, insurance, etc.).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rose of Nelson batteau returns for the May 8 Rivanna Regatta!

The Rose of Nelson Batteau will once again work its way down the Rivanna River on race day and dock at Darden Towe Park this year or (if not enough water) will be on a trailer at Darden Towe Park for the day on May 8.

The Virginia Canals and Navigation Society will also have a table display to educate visitors about the batteau, canals and early river history and exploration in Virginia.

Come on out to Darden Towe Park on Saturday, May 8 to cheer on the canoe and kayak racers as they cross the finish line and learn more about this historic batteau.  Bring the entire family because there will be other activities and displays to enjoy also.  Pack a picnic lunch and help make this event a community-building and river appreciation event!