Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seeking volunteers

The 7th annual Rivanna River Regatta Canoe & Kayak Races are coming on May 12! The race coordinator is looking for volunteers to help both on water and on land. He's seeking volunteers to serve as safety patrol (from boats on the water and from shore), traffic cops, work registration tables, assist paddlers, etc. We're also seeking a local non-profit group or charity willing to work a concession table and grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and/or serve pizza, drinks, etc. This is a great fund raising opportunity for such a group!

If you are interested in helping then send an email to rivannaregatta [at] deervinehollow [dot] com and I'll put you in touch with the Race Coordinator. If volunteering your charity or non-profit group, please state the organization's name and website URL (if you have one), and provide contact information for the best person to speak with.

This could be the biggest year for this event and it is now attracting some highly competitive paddlers from up and down the East Coast. Let's get our act together and show these competitive paddlers a great time in Charlottesville!

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  1. I want to run this stretch before the race. Where can I park and put in? I checked out Rio Mills Rd and walked the footpath. Is that the only option? I have a canoe, not a kayak.