Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rivanna River Race update

Update: 7:48pm Friday...The race section was paddled after work and it is clear of obstacles! Flow and level is normal for this time of year and there are still a few rocks that can be bumped.  Just a couple things to note that will be covered at the safety briefing at the starting line. River is at a good level, the water is clear, and we'll have a great morning on the river tomorrow!  Come on out!!

As of now the race is still a "go" for Saturday.  The river level is near perfect!

The Race Coordinator is monitoring the weather closely and will make an announcement here if anything changes.

Rain is in the forecast but unless there is lightning at race time or the river rises to remarkably high levels, we will run this race in the rain.

Please note, Rivanna River Company is providing a free shuttle BEFORE the race from Darden Towe Park back to the starting line, so get there early enough to drop your boat and gear at the starting line and take your car to Darden Towe Park and catch a shuttle back.

Alternatively, we always have volunteers who will drive you back to the starting line to get your car after the race.

Friday 5/17 update, 9:20am. ~~Still a "go"~~
Word from the Race Coordinator:
"We'll go rain or shine with two, 'No Go' reasons:

1. If there are thunder storms close by with lightning

2  If the river is above 2-3 ft above normal spring flow.  Right now, it looks OK."

River level, 9:20am Friday, May 12, Palmyra. 712cfs-A great level!

The race route

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