Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 Regatta photos

OK, Paci to Pearls in her comment below made a good point about Regatta photos. Not everyone in the world is on Facebook nor necessarily wants to join Facebook so.... we coerced a gracious member into donating some server space to host photos from the event.

Please keep in mind that most of us paddle in the event so we do not take the pictures and there is no roving photographer for the event. This means that we completely rely on others to share their photos with us.

If you have photos from either this year's regatta or from any of the previous years', please send them to 'regatta [at] deervinehollow [dot] com', label them with the year they were taken and we will do our best to make them all available publicly.

Again, 2009 photos are found here.

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