Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More information regarding the May 8 canoe and kayak races

This section of the Rivanna River is rated Class I + Class II by the American Whitewater Association and may reach Class II+ depending upon conditions on the day of the race.  If you are unfamiliar with the River Classification System then you are strongly urged to become familiar with the classification system and weigh that against your unique paddling skills.  Only you know your skills and what type of water you are capable of handling safely.

You are strongly encouraged to paddle the river prior to the day of the race to become familiar with it.  If you join the Rivanna River Regatta Facebook Group then you will most certainly find other paddlers willing to join you for a recreational trip on this section of the river prior to race day. (One such group of paddlers will be doing this section of the river this Friday, April 2.)

You may also view the following video that shows the entire section of the river used for the race.

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