Friday, April 22, 2016

Sweep clearing and beginners' floatilla before race Saturday

On May 4, Wednesday at 10 am we'll be sending a debris and sweep clearing crew down this stretch of the river.  If you can help, please come.  We'll likely need a chainsaw (or two) to shorten some of the sweeps and we'll pick-up trash along the way. Gabe Silver will be there with his trailer load of canoes and kayaks so if you want to use one, then, e-mail and make your needs known.  Bring a few large trash bags, leather gloves, perhaps a shovel, and I'll throw in a coil of rope.

On May 7, Saturday at 9 am, we'll have an orientation flotilla headed down this 6.2 mile course departing from the 29 North Put-In right there at the stoplight at 29 North and Rio Mills Rd.  We'll have a number of "newbys" exploring this stretch of the river for the first time.  I've also invited some of the "press" to "paddle" along and possibly get some "action" shots in the two, Class II rapids.  Please respond so we'll be able to arrange photo Ops for them.  If you need a canoe, again, contact Gabe.

Merrill Bishop, Race Coordinator
ph. 434-975-3072
on-the-go cell 996-8886

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